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Hello fellow castle inhabitants!  

Myself and my new friend Abby have a delightful idea for a way to spruce up this place with an extra spot of fun or two.  We're going to be changing the ballroom into a brand new bowling alley!  But to do this, we're going to need a little help from you, so we're offering a contest in the form of a scavenger hunt!

The first person to bring us as many items from the list below as possible will be able to break in the bowling alley first, along with a couple guests of their choice.  We'll also be treated them to a dinner of their own selection, cooked by yours truly.  When you procure an item, dial me up here, and let me know!

We need...

Something to function as bowling balls.
Pins or the supplies/labor to make pins (wood/someone who can whittle, maybe?)
Various hardwood planks
Spare tires
Troughs from Canary Village
People willing to help us put this thing together!

Happy hunting!
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